Isla Mujeres

Sublime Location


Beautiful Isla Mujeres, a short 20 minute fun ferry ride from Cancun, just what you never expected, a traditional Mexican pueblito with a Caribbean flair all at once,desembark have your camera ready, rent a golf kart and have fun discovering the island hidden secrets.

Zama Beach Club, Isla Mujeres’s best kept secret.


Enjoy our private beach , do a little kayaking if you will…have a foot massage.. drink an appertive,and be hungry enough to enjoy what we are famous for( our cuisine is scrumptious ) ,have a dessert or two, and then let the sunset catch up with you, holding a fresh glass of your favorite wine in one hand , and with your other hand , hold the one you love…..

Zama means New Beginning. Don’t we all deserve it?

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